Sage UBS Mobile License

Sage UBS Mobile License

Brand: UBS Software
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Sage UBS Mobile License

Sage UBS mobile license provides convenience for user to continue working with the system anywhere, anytime, when he/she is out of the office.

Sage UBS mobile license comes with the following benefits and flexibility:

  1. User can check out 1 user license from the host PC each time – this will allow other users to continue working on the system with the remaining users licenses
  2. User can check out multiple company databases form the host PC each time; for editing (updating data) or viewing – all at your sole discretion on the check-out usage
  3. Save the mobile license file in any storage device – thumb drive, external hard disk and/ or memory card
  4. Install the mobile license at any client PC that is preinstalled with Sage UBS system.

The mobile license is valid for a maximum of 14 days.
User can also set the validity timeframe of the mobile license during the Check-out process.

Sage UBS Mobile License


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