Opticon OPR3201 Barcode Scanner

Opticon OPR3201 Barcode Scanner

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Opticon OPR 3201 Scanner

Fast and accurate scans every time. The Opticon OPR 3201 barcode laser scanner with pistol grip and auto-trigger stand delivers reliable performance using Opticon's proven scanning technology. The high performance laser scanner provides a fast and accurate reading of barcodes, even when they are printed with low contrast or high density. The scanner is plug-and-play ready right out of the box. The OPR 3201 enables quick connection via RS-232C, Keyboard wedge, or USB, and the ability to put Opticon's scanning performance to immediate operation.



1 LED (red/green/orange)



Operating keys Entry options    

1 scan key


RS232     DB9 PTF connector with external power supply

Keyboard Wedge                                    

MiniDIN6 F/M connector

USB Power

Ver. 1.1, HID/VCP, USB-A connector

Voltage requirement

5V ± 10% (Keyboard Wedge and USB), 6V (min. 4.5, max. 6.5V) (RS232)

Current consumption

Max. 100mA (typical use)

Light source

650 nm visible laser diode

Scan method

Bi-directional scanning

Scan rate

100 scans/sec

Trigger mode

Manual, auto-trigger, stand detection

Reading pitch angle

-35 to 0º, 0 to +35º

Reading skew angle

-50 to -8°, +8 to +50°

Reading tilt angle

-20° to 0º, 0 to +20º


R>15 (EAN8), R>20 (EAN13)

Min. resolution

PCS 0.9     0.127 mm / 5 mil

Min. PCS value    



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